The 50-50 Experiment

In January 2016 I left Sydney, Australia looking to further develop my web development business. With many wins and losses along the road, I noticed a trend in the similarities of success and failure in both personal and business arenas. I found them to be closely related and more often than not, one affects the other. This seems like an obvious observation, but I thought I’d experiment with the idea.

I decided I would focus 50% of my time and energy into evolving the business, and 50% into evolving myself. I would spend significant amount of time contemplating what I wanted in my life and the business to achieve and then set goals and a bit of road map to reach these goals. Pretty standard process indeed. The difference is in having the personal and business goals either be the same, or compliment each other.



So far, I have noticed the line between work and life blend into one holistic means for me to take the business in the direction that suits my personal goals and beliefs and as a result, the business has grown exponentially into a service of high standards and on-time delivery. This is because I now take my work very personally. To many, that may sounds like I am a workaholic. And yes, I spend a very high percentage of my time ‘working’ but the difference is that I can’t think of anything I would rather be doing. I don’t feel like I am working.

Contrary to this, those who see me working, simply assume I am on holidays. In actuality, I have found this way of working to be extremely efficient, productive and the quality of the outcome is also raised.

Soon I will post an article that compares traditional work environments with different options that are made possible via the internet. I will be looking at quality of work, efficiency, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, cost of development and more.

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