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Jason Hardie

What I Do

The Technological revolution that is happening right now has opened a new age of limitless possibilities. We are only restricted by our imagination and I invite anyone who feels they have a good idea to contact me, and I will help anyway I can to make it happen.

Things I Believe In

How much I care about:

Digital innovation
Making business fun
Helping people


My Specialities

Website Production

Websites that are designed with purpose.

Project Management

Managing people, resources and deadlines.

Business Automation

Automate your business processes.

Digital Integration

Integrate your accounting, orders, website, social, inventory MGMT and more.


Need developers or programmers for your project? See Digital Village for more info.

What is Digital Village

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Digital Village is a business that was established to provide digital business services. I am now looking to evolve it further into a platform for startups and enterprises to collaborate on ventures that I believe results in mutual benifits. Part of my Masters studies will be researching this concept.

Work & Experience

2007 - 2012 Bachelor Computer Based Design. Maj. Design, Maj. Marketing, Maj. Electronic Media University of Sunshine Coast, QLD
2011 - 2015 Web Design, Development & Marketing Freelancer
2013 - 2014 Contract Marketing Manager PLC Hardware Pty Ltd
2014 - Current General Manager PLC Hardware Pty Ltd
2014 - Current Founder Digital Village Pty Ltd
Nov 2015 - 2017 Masters in Business Administration (MBA) Australian Institute of Business


In early January 2016 I will be exploring business opportunities overseas and be out of the country for an extended period of time. I am still available to take on projects.

I will also be undertaking a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) to research some business concepts and to keep learning.

Don’t hesitate to contact me!

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  • contact@jasonhardie.com
  • 0427 258 320

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