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General Management

PLC Hardware

PLC Hardware is an independent supplier of electrical automation products. I started with PLC Hardware early in January 2013 as a contractor carrying out various marketing activities including re-branding and a new website. My role there now is more widespread and there is an exciting future for PLC Hardware. Visit Website


Fast Automation

Fast Automation is an electrical engineering company and systems integrator of some impressive automation systems across various industries. Visit Website


Automation Recruitment

Automation Recruitment is a new startup venture that I helped put together. A business in a niche market that provides a great specialised service. It is taking its next step now, I am in the middle of developing a brand new website that will allow employers and job searches to meet each other online and make it a very easy hiring process. Stay tuned. current website (before upgrade)



This has been my trading entity for the last while offering services such as website design and development, business branding, application development and more. Specialties are small business website and e-commerce online stores.

Founder? or whatever you want to call it

Digital Village

Digital Village is a new venture based on creating an online place for people who have an idea for a website application or online business to come and discuss the idea and find support, tools, and guidance in taking the next steps to actually making it happen.
In addition to this, digitalvillage.com.au will act as a market place for these products for the owners get their product to market and start making money out of their idea.
It is still in it's early stages, so if you have any suggestions or would like to be involved, be sure to contact me.

jasonhardie.com Current Projects

Project Management Web Based Application

not yet specified

This is a complicated and impressive idea that is very exciting for business's that want to be able to create a quote for a job, convert it to a project and allow employees to add time-sheets. Resulting in the managers/business owners to be able to track their running costs of the project and see where their weakness's and strengths are. Among many other functions too!

Ecommerce Website

Spinifex Collections

This project involves updating the current site for a better user experience. See the current site here: spinifexcollections.com.au

Ecommerce and business service website

Automation Recruitment

A fun task of upgrading the current website. Integrating much more functionality including online payment options for employees to post job ads and an application form for the job seekers that will enable employers to easily search for people with a very specific set of skills.

Web based house-cost sharing App

not yet specified

This is an exciting project and idea that will allow users to create a house and add housemates. They can then add expenses and share them among other house members. A great way to keep track of those house expenses like electricity etc etc and everybody knows where they stand so no "IOU's" a forgotten about. In its BETA stages, Coming Soon!


Digital Business Solutions

Business Technology

Intergrating new technologies over the web

The internet is not limited to websites. It is a medium that allows us to create tools for problem solving and inventing new products. It is easier than ever to create new product that work towards making our life easier. My aim is to help you put your idea into practice and help you sell this idea.

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Business Website

Get your business online

If you have a business that does not have a presence online, that in most cases should probably be changed. If you need your website to get to work for you and be your online BDM, then take a look at the various packages. The packages are just to give you an idea of how much things might cost, and what you get in return.

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Ecommerce Sites

Open up your shop online

More and more people are buying online now and thanks to the internet, your customers don't have to be walking past your store front to know about you. If you sell products, it is not hard to setup an online store for you to be making money online.

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Make it happen

With the growth of tablets and smartphones, end-user applications are an exciting opportunity for business's. Using technology to help solve problems and market and expand your business can be a fun process when you know what is possible. And nearly anything is!

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Showing up on google

If it is integral to your business that you show up on google for certain key words or search terms it is hard to know where to start. There is many different techniques to show Google that you are a worthy contender for the front page. Click below to see how I can help.

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Digital Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Digital Marketing is a strategy that you can gain massive results with and actually see what is working and what is not through powerful and free analytical tools. It does not have to be expensive. The key to effective digital marketing is Inbound marketing. See More

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