The Digital Nomad

co-work space

An uprising trend of the nomadic lifestyle people are now living thanks to the internet has produced a new breed of traveller. The Digital Nomad?(a term that I’m not overly fond of). But this refers to people leaving behind their 9-5 to chase the bright idea that woke them up at 3am and wouldn’t let them get back to sleep. Or the new sure thing app, inspired by multiple beers with a good friend at the pub.

Whatever the motivation, the people that are taking action on these inspirations are able to make things happen a lot easier than ever before. Reduced living costs, exciting new environments, and access to a network of other motivated and interesting creatives and entrepreneurs, allow a fulfilling lifestyle which beautifully harmonises work and life aspirations.

I have put together a basic website similar to that of airbnb that allows digital nomads to find places to work and stay and connect with others.

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