Don’t be so serious, life is a playground

Life is a Playground

This post talk about how life is not a serious affair. People that take themselves too serious are usually stressed, anxious and insecure. Life is a Playground.

Its easy to get caught up in the day to day tasks and hold their importance in high priority. In reality, taking into the consideration the size of the world, the true effects of any task and the time. Most things are truly unimportant.

let’s take a look at life as a playground.

Think back to your school yard:?There are bullies, ?there are obstacles, there are friendships, there is trade, there is a watchdog, there is a limited time. In your time, how did you deal with these factors as a child? If you were to have your time in the playground again, what would you do differently? We say life was easy as a child, no concerns or worries. But that is not true, that is only our interpretation through our current view.

Consider your current life as a playground. There are bullies, there are obstacles, there are friendships, there is trade, there are watchdogs, there is limited time. ?Is there things you would change? Because it is more than likely when you look back on your current situation in 10-20 years time, it will probably seem of little importance.

Next time you see kids playing in a playground, I invite you to try the monkey bars. No need to take life so seriously all the time.

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