From Little Things… Anything can grow.

Success and health starts from within. From little things…anything can grow. I am treating the apartment garden as a metaphor for the business Digital Village. As it is in essence also a living and growing organism and environment??that is susceptible to storms, sunny days and competing plants wanting to monopolise the garden bed.

?They tried to bury us. They didn?t know we were seeds.?

? Mexican proverb


Like many people, I spend much of my working days on a computer and although I do enjoy this, I find it important for my personal well being to get out of the digital world and ground myself in nature. Although I love my outdoor sports there is nothing that brings me back down to earth more than sticking my hands in the dirt.

So I cleared the backyard of the apartment block I live in at Maroubra Beach, Sydney and have started a vegetable and herb garden.

Anything a person does in the world, starts with themselves and extends outwards into expanding environments. Each of which is heavily influenced by those involved.

I personally, have found that if my personal life is not on track, it can directly influence the business. I talk a lot about work:life balance on this website, and this is another example as to why it is important to?improve a persons wellbeing in parallel with an organisations health. After all, it is people that influence economy, anything else is a facilitator.

The more care and attention it is given, the more likely it is to grow strong and healthy. I know little about gardening, and there is many experiments?of trial and error that may fail or succeed. But it is reassuring to know that even failed experiments are successes. Otherwise how is one to know what works and what doesn’t.




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