Love is Love

Jason Hardie

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Love is Love,

But what is Love? Love is something the logical mind cannot comprehend. It cannot be understood as it can only be experienced. In the next 20 slides, we?re going to explore the diversities of Love and how it shows up in more way than we think.

Love Sucks
Love is painful, love hurts,. Love is heartbreaking. Love hurts so much that sometimes we make decisions that we will never love again. (who has said that to themselves at some point in their life?)

Love is scary,
Love is an unkown. You can?t control love. We as humans are scared of what we don?t know and fear what we cannot control. Love can be scary.

Love is hard,
Sometimes, love is hard. Love puts you into situations with your back against the wall and you can?t get out. Life seems so much easier without love. (Who has ever wished they hadn’t fallen in love?)

But, Love is real,
If you are suffering from love or elated, you know you are alive and this is what it means to be human. Such is life, embrace it.

Love is progressive,
It is these challenges in life that love puts is in that forces us to grow and evolve as a soul and person. Who is a better person because of love?

Love is beautiful,
Love is the ecstasy of life. It empowers and charges us with light and compassion for everything. Love is the most beautiful thing. Who has felt the ecstasy of love?

Love is an experience,
It is in the way we exist, the way we live and the way we are.

Love us alive,
It cannot be controlled. It is an energy that runs through us and into others. It is a force of nature that cannot be touched but touches. Cannot be manufactured but creates. (Who has felt love from someone they didn?t know?)

Love has no limits,
Love knows no barriers and knows no boundaries. Love does not judge, it does not choose, it does not discriminate. These are mental constructs that come from human psyche. Love does not come from this place. Who has experienced love ever discriminate or judge?

Love is powerful,
Love is the most powerful energy people can experience as it is the essence of life itself. Love can transcend us. Love can change the world. (Who has seen cts of love that have changed the direction of history?)

Love is community,
Love is for all, love between people and all life. In a community where love is present, truly amazing things happen. (who has felt the love of community?)

Love is free,
Love does not come from the physical world and can never be bought or sold. But it is most valued by people above all as it is an innate human need. (who has ever bought love?)

Love is a saviour,
love can save us from ourselves and our own self-destruction. Love gives us a perspective of reality and allows us to see the noise we tell ourselves. From being influenced by this noise and making decisions based on the wrong motivations. (Who has been saved by love?)

Love is Truth,
Love cannot lie, and it cannot be falsified. Love sees through darkness and ego. Love cannot be tricked or influenced. Love is pure. Love is true.

Love is endless,
It can come and it can go. It does ebb and it does flow. It can accelerate, it can dissipate, but it is never lost.

Love is a choice,
No-one misses out on love. It is accessible anytime to anyone. It takes effort and energy to love. But it is energising and effortless. (who chooses love?)

Love is patient,
Love comes from a place of understanding, of empathy and togetherness. Forgiveness. It takes love to forgive.

Love is kind,
Love is generous and expects nothing. It is endless. Love is a smile for a stranger, a hand to someone in need or a shoulder for a friend.

Love is Love,
Love is all there is, it is what connects the world. There is no right or wrong, no good, no bad, no happy no sad. There is love, and love is all you need.

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