It seems impossible to ignore the manifestations of the ebb and flow nature of life.

One moment, life can be so sweet and so easily it can become the opposite within a moment.

A friend was telling me a story of a young lady who was attacked by a shark while surfing. A bitten leg, led to an amputation, 6 months in hospital lead to her losing her job and medical bills resulting in her losing her house and then custody of her children.

Makes you wonder, how could someone crawl out of such misery.

The difference between climbing out of such a situation and it being the end, is in a decision. A decision to accept things as they are and not become a victim of circumstance. Recognising that yes, these things happened, how does one react to these events? No matter what happens, how one responds is a choice and decision. This is the freedom of being human that is rarely experienced.

So what did this woman do? What happened to her? You hear stories similar to this that take incredible turns either way. Did she succumb to negativity and fell into a spiral of misery and depression? Homelessness, substance abuse, suicide? (In our society this would be considered understandable and almost expected).

Or, was she one of those inspirational stories where she rises from the ashes of dispair, finds a way out through pure persistence and determination, beating all the odds. She writes a book and becomes an inspirational speaker.

Whats the difference between these two roads?

Which one is more challenging, difficult or testing?

What stops people from taking the 2nd route?


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