The 50-50 Experiment

So yes, I have started a blog, an experiment in the balance of life and work.

I don’t have anything against blogs or bloggers, it’s just that many of them piss me off.

Everyone is looking for a way to ‘get rich quick’. Travel bloggers that promote their lifestyle as a totally viable way to be free, make lots of money and travel the world doing so, is common now. ‘How I made 1 million dollars by blogging from my laptop’ is a message found in thousands of inbox’s. And the truth is, yes they are correct. It is possible. And if you do want to do it then do it. My problem with this however is, it’s bad advice. If everyone takes this advice, it automatically becomes unviable. Imagine if everyone quit their jobs and started travelling and documenting their experiences. It would become saturated like any other market. This is the same for business on any scale.

Being competitive by not competing at all

When these markets get saturated, they become competitive. There is an over supply and a fight for the demand.  Unless you can easily do the same thing better than your competitors, you’re better off doing something totally different. Create something new, something unique.

There is one thing that everyone in this world has in common, and that is that we’re all different. Everyone is unique and it is impossible for anyone to compete with this. Unless you’re an Elvis impersonator it is impossible to be better than another at being them. For example:

So, I’m doing an experiment in following through on personal values, goals and aspirations and how this can result in successful business and a fulfilling life. A life where you love your work so much for it to not be considered a job and it be stable enough to support you financially.

The content on this site is probably not for everyone. I appreciate everyone has different circumstances.

About the Experiment:

The Experiment is essentially about holding yourself responsible for your own life. It’s about sticking your neck out for the things you believe in and things you really want to do. It’s about understanding fear and telling it to get F)(*^&.

The goal of the experiment is to find happiness in our work. Establish positive business and economy. Become conscious as a person through continuous reflection and generally making a positive impact in the world. If you’re not happy with your life, then what are you doing about it?


My message is that anything is possible by linking your actions with your future goals.

For the time being, it is still early days in my personal and business ventures. But if this site is still running 12 months from now, that means I’m still alive. That means that we have living proof it is possible to combine personal and business goals and achieve happiness in both arenas.

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